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Updated:January 31, 2023

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Updated:January 31, 2023


Product overview

The Cisco UCS® S3260 Storage Server (Figure 1) is a modular, high-density, high-availability, dual-node storage- optimized server well suited for service providers, enterprises, and industry-specific environments. It provides dense, cost-effective storage to address your ever-growing data needs. Designed for a new class of data-intensive workloads, it is simple to deploy and excellent for applications for big data, data protection, software-defined storage environments, scale-out unstructured data repositories, media streaming, and content distribution.

Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server

Figure 1.            

Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server

The Cisco UCS S3260 server helps you achieve the highest levels of data availability and performance. With dual-node capability that is based on the 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor, it features up to 1,080 TB of local storage in a compact 4-Rack-Unit (4RU) form factor. The drives can be configured with enterprise-class Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) redundancy or with a pass-through Host Bus Adapter (HBA) controller. Network connectivity is provided with dual-port up to 40-Gbps nodes in each server, with expanded unified I/O capabilities for data migration between Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and SAN environments. This storage-optimized server comfortably fits in a standard 32-inch-depth rack, such as the Cisco® R 42610 Rack.

Product highlights

      Dual 2-socket server nodes based on 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with up to 48 cores per server node

      Up to 1.5 TB of DDR4 memory per M5 server node and up to 1 TB of Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory

      Support for high-performance Nonvolatile Memory Express (NVMe) and flash memory

      Massive 1,080-TB data storage capacity that easily scales to petabytes with Cisco UCS Manager software

      Policy-based storage management framework for zero-touch capacity on demand

      Dual-port 40-Gbps system I/O controllers with a Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1300 platform embedded chip or PCIe-based system I/O controller for Quad Port 10/25G Cisco VIC 1455 or Dual Port 40/100G Cisco VIC 1495 or 3rd party PCIe adapters

      Unified I/O for Ethernet or Fibre Channel to existing NAS or SAN storage environments

      Support for Cisco bidirectional transceivers, with 40-Gbps connectivity over existing 10-Gbps cabling infrastructure

The Cisco UCS S3260 server uses a multigenerational modular server architecture (Figure 2) and employs Cisco’s blade technology expertise to increase investment protection, allowing you to upgrade the main system components (Figure 3) without the need to migrate data from one system to another.

Cisco UCS S3260 Empty Chassis

Figure 2.            

Cisco UCS S3260 Empty Chassis

Cisco UCS S3260 Chassis with 2 M5 Server Nodes

Figure 3.            

Cisco UCS S3260 Chassis with 2 M5 Server Nodes

Advanced storage management

Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) management helps significantly reduce management and administration expenses by automating routine tasks to increase operational agility. Cisco UCS management provides enhanced storage management functions for the Cisco UCS S3260 and all Cisco UCS servers. Storage profiles give you flexibility in defining the number of storage disks and the roles and uses of these disks and other storage parameters. You can select and configure the disks to be used for storage by a virtual drive.

A logical collection of physical disks is called a disk group, and a disk group configuration policy defines the way that a disk group is created and configured. A disk group can be partitioned into virtual drives. Each virtual drive appears as an individual physical device to the operating system. The policy specifies the RAID level to be used for the disk group. It also specifies either manual or automatic selection of disks for the disk group and roles for the disks. This feature allows optimization of the storage resources without additional overhead and licensing costs.

Product specifications

Table 1 lists the specifications for the Cisco UCS S3260 Storage Server.

Table 1.        Product specifications




4RU server

Server nodes

Up to 2 nodes;

  M5 server nodes based on 2 nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable and Intel Xeon Scalable processors


Dual 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors per server node

  M5 server node processors: 4214, 5218, 5220, 6238, 6240, 6262V, 4210R, 4214R, 5218R, 5220R, 6226R, 6230R

Processor cores

Up to 48 per server node


M5 server node: 7 Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM) slots per processors with 16-GB, 32-GB, 64-GB, or 128-GB DDR4 registered DIMMs (RDIMMs) or Load-Reduced DIMMs (LRDIMMs). 1 Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory Ready Slot with 256-GB or 512-GB.


Up to 12.8 TB NVMe for M5 server node

System I/O controllers

Up to 2 system I/O controllers. Choice of

  Onboard Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1300 platform and 2 x 40-Gbps Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable (QSFP) ports (160 Gbps of throughput)
  PCIe Slot based with choice of Cisco UCS VIC 1455 Quad Port 10/25G, Cisco UCS VIC 1495 Dual Port 40/100G, or third-party Ethernet and FC Adapters

I/O expansion module

  Dual x8 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) half-height, half-width slots for third-party add-in cards. ( Note: Available with M5 and M4 server node; uses server bay 1.)
  Choice of I/O Ethernet and Fibre Channel options:

    1, 10 or 40 Gigabit Ethernet or 16-Gbps Fibre Channel

  NVMe SSD options of 1.6-, 3.2-, or 6.4-TB
  Application acceleration with support for NVIDIA T4 16GB GPU

Storage controller

RAID controller:

  M5 server node: Dual-chip RAID controller based on LSI 3316 ROC with 4-GB RAID cache per chip and Supercap


  Controller support for RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50, and 60 and JBOD mode, providing enterprise-class data protection for all drives installed in the system

Pass-Through Controller

  Dual Chip Pass-Through Controller with LSI IOC 3316 using LSI IT Firmware


  Up to 56 top-accessible, hot-swappable 3.5-inch, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, or 18-TB 7200-RPM NL-SAS Hard-Disk Drives (HDDs).
  Up to 28 top-accessible, hot-swappable 800-GB, 1.6-TB, or 3.2-TB SAS Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
  Up to 2 rear-accessible, hot-swappable, 2.5-inch, 240-, or 480-GB SATA or 1.6-TB SSDs per server node

Note: These boot drives support Hardware RAID with the M4 and M5 server node connected to the RAID controller on the server node. These boot drives support SW RAID when using the pass-through storage controller. All drives are hot pluggable.

Disk expansion module

  Expand data storage capacity with up to 4 rear-accessible, hot-swappable, 3.5-inch, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-or 18-TB, 7200-RPM NL-SAS HDDs. ( Note: These drives are installed in server bay 2.)

Power supplies

  4 hot-pluggable, 3+1 redundant 1050-Watt (W) AC or DC 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency power supplies

Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC)

Integrated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC):

  IPMI 2.0 compliant for management and control
  One 10/100/1000 Ethernet out-of-band management interface
  Command-Line Interface (CLI) and web GUI management tool for automated, lights-out management
  Keyboard, video, and mouse
  HTML5 interface


  Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Network File System (NFS), Server Message Block (SMB), SMB Direct, and Small Computer System Interface over IP (iSCSI).

Physical unit

  4RU height x 32-in. depth.
  High reliability, availability, and serviceability features with tool-free server nodes, system I/O controller, easy-to-use latching lid, and hot-swappable and hot-pluggable components.

Operating systems

  Microsoft Windows Server 2019; Red Hat Enterprise Linux; SUSE Linux; or VMware vSphere.

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