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Updated:September 13, 2023

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Updated:September 13, 2023

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What if a server had the density and cabling advantages of a blade server and the expandability of a rack server? Wonder no more. Leveraging more than 10 years of experience with software-defined stateless servers, the Cisco UCS® X210c M6 Compute Node is designed to be managed from the cloud with Cisco Intersight™.

Intersight is a cloud-operations Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that uses analytics to deliver proactive monitoring, automation, and optimization of workloads across hybrid cloud environments. Cisco Intersight delivers policy-based configuration and accelerates the deployment of both physical and virtual workloads.

The UCS X210c M6 server form factor offers more I/O, more storage, better cooling, and seamless upgrades to connectivity technologies. Its features include the following:

     The 14000 and 15000 Series VICs supply more aggregate bandwidth with up to 200 Gbps per server.

     With six large-capacity drives, the UCS X210c M6 can be used for many workloads that used to require a rack server simply because of the storage requirements.

     Optionally, if you run workloads that require graphical acceleration, you can have two drives and up to two GPUs.

     The X210c node supports Cisco UCS X-Fabric Technology for additional GPUs and future storage and memory options.

Its vertical orientation and design allow for better airflow, increasing cooling for better reliability.

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Cisco Customer Experience (CX) Custom Quick Start Solutions help you implement your Cisco UCS X-Series technology successfully, faster, and with less risk. CX experts assist with design development, validation of your deployment prerequisites, and configuration of your workloads. We also work with you to establish a system health baseline. Then, our experts deliver knowledge transfer to empower your team to use the new solution. With expertise, best practices, and insights developed from more than 35 years of leading large-scale technology implementations, you can trust us to help you get your Cisco UCS solution up and running the right way, the first time.


     Simplify administration of your hybrid cloud infrastructure with Cisco Intersight freeing your IT staff to focus on mission-critical and value-added projects.

     Allows you to standardize on a single platform for both your rack and blade workloads.

     Decrease Operating Expenses (OpEx) for power, cooling, management, and maintenance by consolidating older servers onto the newest generation of modular servers.

     Improve application performance with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and increased memory bandwidth.

What it does

What it provides:

     Up to two 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (with up to 40 cores per socket)


    32 DIMM slots (16 DIMMs per CPU socket)

    3200 MHz DDR4 memory plus other speeds, depending on the CPU installed

    32 x DDR4 DIMMs for up to 8 TB of capacity using 256 GB DIMMs, or

    16x DDR4 DIMMs + 16x Intel Optane™ persistent memory modules, for up to 12 TB of memory

     Virtual Interface Cards:

    VIC 14425 modular LAN on motherboard (mLOM), four-port, 4x25Gbps

    VIC 15231, two-port, 2x100Gbps

    VIC 15420 secure boot mLOM, four-port, 2x100Gbps

    VIC 14825 mezzanine, four-port, 4x25Gbps

    VIC 15422 secure boot mezzanine, four-port, 4x25Gbps

     Up to six SAS/SATA/NVMe disk drives plus up to two M.2 drives with hardware RAID support

     One front mezzanine slot for a Cisco® FlexStorage RAID controller, Cisco FlexStorage passthrough, or two drives and up to two GPUs

     Cisco Intersight Infrastructure

    Service SaaS-based cloud management

     Support for UCS Manager 4.3.2 or later

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For more information about the Cisco UCS X210c M6 Modular Server, refer to the datasheet, spec sheet and the solution overview.

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