Data Center Enrollment for Cisco Enterprise Agreement At-A-Glance

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Updated:May 8, 2021

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Updated:May 8, 2021

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Product overview

The Cisco data center goes anywhere your data is

The data center is no longer a place or a fixed location. Instead it is defined as wherever data is created, processed, or used. So it’s only natural that a new enterprise IT architecture is needed—one that supports connectivity, security, and management.

Cisco offers a new data center for applications, powered by intent-based networking and delivered across your multicloud.

Cisco’s Data Center enrollment, made up of six software suites that are consumable through the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, enables you to deploy, run, and manage your data center needs everywhere.

Expand your data center across multicloud and edge with innovation only Cisco can deliver. New Cisco Data Center Networking Anywhere and Cisco HyperFlex Anywhere capabilities let your data center follow the data.

Cisco Enterprise Agreement


The Cisco data center goes anywhere your data is


The Cisco® Enterprise Agreement is ideal for organizations that want financial predictability, want a simplified IT environment, or have a technology growth plan. Its benefits include:

     Simplifies and centralizes licensing management with a cross-portfolio, co-terminated agreement covering your entire worldwide organization

     Scales to meet changing business needs, with licenses that allow organic growth and provide updates and upgrades

     Has no retroactive overage fees, with the industry’s only “True Forward” feature

     Controls costs by providing investment protection for existing licenses and services as well as budget predictability for growth

     Provides one workspace to see all the software subscriptions procured, deployed, and due for renewal

     Saves time through co-termination of software subscriptions

Software suites in the Data Center enrollment

The Data Center enrollment comprises seven software suites that are available through the Cisco Enterprise Agreement. In addition to the benefits of the Cisco Enterprise Agreement, Data Center offers multisuite discounts.

Software suites:

     Cisco Data Center Networking Advantage and Data Center Networking Premier–includes Cisco ACI and NX-OS

     Cisco Intersight Advantage and Cisco Intersight Premier

     Cisco MDS Advantage and Cisco MDS Premier

     Cisco HyperFlex Advantage and HyperFlex Premier

     Intersight Workload Optimizer Advantage and Intersight Workload Optimizer Premier

     Container platform

     AppDynamics Enrollment (AppD Order Form Globally & available on GPL in US & Canada as DC Core Suite Q4FY21)

     Workload Optimization (optional add-on)

Refer to the Solution Overview for more details on the suites

Requirements (must satisfy all 2)

1.     Minimum net Total Contract Value (TCV): $100,000

2.     Coverage: Enterprise wide coverage for Cisco Data Center Networking, HyperFlex and MDS; Enterprise wide coverage plus application-specific minimum TCV commitment for other suites

Next step

Learn more about

     The Cisco data center

     The Cisco Enterprise Agreement

For more information about these choices, and for help with selecting what’s right for your business, please contact your Cisco account manager or an authorized Cisco partner.




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