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Updated:February 20, 2020

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Updated:February 20, 2020

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  • New feature
  • Upgrade path
  • Ordering information



    IM and Presence support for new authentication mechanism while integrating with Microsoft Office 365

    IM and Presence (IM&P) supports integration with a hosted Office 365 Service for Microsoft Outlook calendaring integration. When this feature is configured, IM&P service pulls a user’s calendar information from Outlook and displays the information as a part of an IM&P user's presence status.

    IM&P has newly added support for OAuth-based authentication while integrating with Office 365.

    News lead

    Microsoft is changing the authentication mechanism supported by Exchange Online. Basic authentication will be deprecated and will support OAuth-based authentication.

    More information is available at

    New feature

    In Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2, the IM&P Service supports the following types of authentication with Office 365:

         OAuth-based authentication (new for this release)

         Basic authentication

    Both types of authentication are supported until Microsoft fully deprecates basic authentication in October 2020. After this date, users must use OAuth-based authentication. System administrators can configure the authentication method in the Presence Gateway Configuration page of Cisco® Unified Communications Manager IM&P administration.

    Upgrade path

    OAuth-based authentication is available from Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2 onward. Earlier releases of the IM&P Service (for example, earlier 11.5(x) and 12.x releases) support basic authentication only when integrating with Office 365. Users who are on earlier releases and want to integrate to Office 365 should plan to upgrade deployments to Cisco Unified Communications Manager and IM&P Service, Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2 or newer.

    12.5(1) SU2 is already released. Please reach out to your Cisco account team for the release date of 11.5(1)SU8.

    Ordering information

    For 12.5(1)SU2: (Available now)

    For 11.5(1)SU8: (Under development)

    Learn more