Cisco Unity Connection Service Bulletin for Unified Messaging with Microsoft Office 365


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Updated:June 17, 2022

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Updated:June 17, 2022

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Cisco Unity Connection product overview

Cisco Unity® Connection is a robust unified messaging and voicemail solution that accelerates collaboration by providing users with flexible message access options and the IT department with management simplicity.

Cisco® Unity Connection boasts a robust feature set, including:

     Fast, flexible user access to messages. Access and manage messages from your email inbox, web browser, Cisco Jabber®, a Cisco IP phone, smartphone, or tablet. Use the speech-activated tools for hands-free message retrieval or use speech-to-text transcriptions of voicemails, if preferred.

     Simple and cost-effective administration and management. Cisco Unity Connection is virtualized, flexible, and easily integrated into diverse network and application environments. It provides easy provisioning, service activation, monitoring, performance analysis and reporting, upgrade and migration management, and license management.

     Security, scalability, and compliance. Flexible in size and scale, Cisco Unity Connection is the unified messaging solution consistently selected by medium-sized businesses as well as global corporations, government agencies, and security-conscious individuals.

Unified Messaging with Microsoft Office 365

You can integrate Unity Connection with an Office 365 server for a unified messaging experience.

When this feature is configured, you can synchronize your voicemails along with their transcriptions between Unity Connection and Office 365 mailboxes, use Text To Speech (TTS) to access Office 365 emails, and access Office 365 calendars and contacts.

News lead

Microsoft is changing the authentication mechanism supported by Exchange Online. Basic authentication will be deprecated and will support OAuth-based authentication.

More information is available at

New feature

In Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2 and newer, Cisco Unity Connection supports the following types of authentication with Office 365:

     OAuth-based authentication (new for this release)

     Basic authentication

Both types of authentication are supported until Microsoft fully deprecates basic authentication. After  its deprecation, users must use OAuth-based authentication. System administrators can configure the authentication method in the Unified Messaging Service Configuration page of Cisco Unity Connection Administration.

*For users of Cisco Unity Connection 11.5(1) SU7/12.5(1) SU1 and older releases, Unified Messaging with Office 365 will cease to work after  Microsoft deprecates basic authentication.

Upgrade path

OAuth-based authentication is available from Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2 and newer. Earlier releases of Cisco Unity Connection (for example, earlier 11.5(x) and 12.x releases) support basic authentication only when integrating with Office 365. Customers on earlier releases who wish to continue using Unified Messaging with Office 365 should plan to upgrade  their deployments to Cisco Unity Connection Releases 11.5(1)SU8 / 12.5(1)SU2 or newer.

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For 12.5(1)SU2+:

For 11.5(1)SU8+:




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