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Updated:January 5, 2023

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Updated:January 5, 2023


Boost your school performance with Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi is now the primary—and sometimes only—Internet access for students and staff in schools. There are more users, more devices per user, and more data moved by applications, so it’s vital to keep the connection always on and make sure the capacity and performance catch up with the growing demands.

Cisco Catalyst wireless solutions are designed exactly for those needs. With Cisco’s Wi-Fi 6 innovations, intent-based networking, and partnership with device partners in the ecosystem, we make your school’s Wi-Fi reliable and secure to run. Not to mention intelligent and insightful, which maximizes the user experience.

Unlike big enterprise organizations, schools often don’t have a dedicated IT resource, but they require the same high-level performance. The Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller (EWC) on Catalyst 9100 Access Points provides you easy deployment and management with no compromise on performance. So a dedicated IT team isn’t required.


      Always-on Wi-Fi

      Mobile app to set up a multi-access-point network for the entire campus with default best practices

      Simple dashboard to monitor network, devices, and applications

      No need for dedicated IT personnel on site

      Protect students, staff, and visitors on the network with real-time threat intelligence and policy enforcement via Cisco Umbrella

A safer school with Cisco Umbrella

With schools becoming digitized and allowing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), they also become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. These attacks may cause costly security and financial impacts to school departments. Whether students are victimized by identity theft, student records are stolen or lost, or the school district’s bank account is hacked by a remote hacker, no one is immune. These incidents can be thwarted by Cisco Umbrella, a cloud solution that ensures a safer and more secure digital environment for schools. Deploying EWC with Umbrella gives you peace of mind that your school is safe.

The Wi-Fi 6 Impact

An EWC-deployed network provides a Wi-Fi 6 connection. What does that mean? With substantial improvements in Wi-Fi 6 technology, we will not only see a boost in data rates, reduction in latency, higher density, we’ll also see greater coverage and longer battery life in devices. All of these improvements help the school network, where capacity, coverage, and density are the keys to a better Wi-Fi experience. How does Wi-Fi 6 impact schools? It offers:

1.     Consistent network performance in high-density environments such as large multipurpose rooms, gyms, and theaters.

2.     It increases the capability to host more IoT devices. Surveillance cameras, classroom whiteboards, alarms, and speakers can all be connected and controlled by the Wi-Fi network.

3.     Improved performance of streaming video for e-classrooms and better tracking of school assets.

Easy to set up and manage

Setting up a Wi-Fi network becomes as simple as setting up your home Wi-Fi when you do it through a Cisco EWC. No dedicated IT person is needed. All you need is a network administrator to set up the network via their smartphone by scanning the bar code from the access points. Sounds easy, right? Check out the product’s features:

1.     Don’t worry about missing critical parameters as best practices are set to default.

2.     Easily and quickly check the health and usage data on your access points, users, devices, and even applications through the mobile app.

3.     Onboarding new devices and guests is a breeze. They can sign in via social media accounts or via captive portal.

4.     Manage multiple schools within your district using Cisco DNA Center.

A better school experience with Cisco Spaces

A network deployed via a Cisco EWC has all of the features and functions of a network that is run via a physical controller, but is more budget-conscious. In addition, Cisco Spaces adds visibility and insights, allowing the EWC-deployed network to be loaded with intelligence that can help you improve the user experience for your students, teachers, staff, and visitors. You can:

1.     Gain insights into student, employee, and visitor behavior.

2.     Understand how events and e-learning impact students’ academic performance.

3.     Trigger notifications and alerts based on behavior of students or their devices.

Wi-Fi is no longer just your connection to the Internet; it’s your tool to enhance students’ learning and development, make your school more secure, boost parents’ satisfaction, and ultimately improve your school performance.

Learn more about the Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9100 Access Points.




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