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Updated:March 17, 2021

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The End-of-Sale and End-of-Life for this product has been announced. The Catalyst IW9167E-HZ Heavy Duty Access Point is the replacement recommendation.

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Updated:March 17, 2021

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Overcome your digitization challenges with resilient WiFi mesh

Imagine this scenario:

A warning notification appears on the tablet of an oil refinery manager. A pipe’s pressure is at critical levels and if something isn’t done quickly, there could be a massive leak or explosion.

But with a few taps, she turns the intake off, allowing the pressure to diffuse. Then, using location awareness technology, she sees three workers nearby the pipe and dispatches them to fix it.

A few moments later, the workers realize this particular piping system is more complex than they expected. Every minute this pipe is down is lost revenue for the plant, so resolving the issue and getting the plant back online is crucial.

They place a video call to an offsite expert, who guides them through the replacement process. The plant goes back online in record time, and the plant manager breathes a sigh of relief.

None of this would be possible without the Cisco Catalyst® IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points. They are the cornerstone of digitization for hazardous environments by providing resilient WiFi connectivity.

Imagine this scenario

Use cases

      Enable productivity and turnaround optimization with built-in location technology.

      Connect mobile workers on the plant floor with data access and IoT sensor data.

      Increase plant and worker safety with location and sensor technology.

      Get sensor connectivity for predictive maintenance and productivity insights.

      Boost productivity with remote expert and augmented reality assistance.


      Get up and running fast. Purpose-built for hazardous locations with Class I Division 2 Zone 2) certification, including IP67 water and dust resistance. The only product of its kind from a major networking company.

      Intelligence beyond boundaries. Extend policy and visibility from the enterprise to the edge with Cisco’s intent-based networking, which streamlines IT and OT network management, reducing costs. Use IOx container support to host IoT applications at the edge for faster decision making.

      Do more with partner IoT modules. Partner designed modules easily attach to enable Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) multilingual capabilities, such as WirelessHART, ISA100, and more.

      Secure connectivity and flexibility. Certified and dependable Wireless AC Wave 2 with WPA3 encryption and 3 ports of PoE, 1 SFP port.

      Deploy almost anywhere. Designed for the most extreme temperatures and environments, but still our lightest and most compact hazardous location access point yet.

Extend intent-based networking to hazardous locations

Chemical process plants face many challenges. The workforce is decreasing and productivity is flatlining, while the pressure to maintain performance is increasing.

Digital transformation provides the ingredients that are necessary to overcome these hurdles through automation, workforce upskilling, and increased safety and productivity. The Cisco Catalyst IW6300 Heavy Duty Series Access Points are a key part of this digital transformation, delivering resilient mesh wireless that is secure and scalable.

Extend intent-based networking t o hazardous locations

Heavy duty

Designed specifically for hazardous locations, with Class I Division 2 certification—protected by a sealed, corrosion-resistant enclosure, including IP67 dust and water resistance.


End-to-end security, including Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) for stronger encryption, and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).


Support for Cisco DNA Center to streamline IT and OT network management, and Cisco DNA Assurance to proactively and predictively resolve issues for worry-free network management.


Choice of multiple ports (PoE, Fiber) and partner-designed IoT expansion modules for added functionality.

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