Services for Meetings and Conferencing

Make meetings fun, easy, and enjoyable

Cisco Collaboration Services for Meetings and Conferencing can help you alleviate the hassle of scheduling, quality, or joining problems in a matter of weeks.


Simplify scheduling

Make it easy for your employees to collaborate with colleagues by reducing the complexity and time it takes to schedule a meeting.

High-quality video

You shouldn't have to spend half your meeting dealing with video quality issues and making people repeat what they said.

Make joining easy

It shouldn't take 15 minutes to join a meeting. Simplify the process today and see your collaboration vision come to life.

Advisory services

Cloud Collaboration Readiness Assessment

Think you're ready to move your collaboration technology to the cloud? Find out what is likely to hurt your success.

Network Readiness Assessment

Get a detailed analysis and roadmap of what is working and what is not before you place large bets on your technology.

Additional services


Get your collaboration technology on track to deliver superior results.


Get proactive help from software experts to keep your business running smoothly.


Let us help monitor your devices and applications and help keep them in compliance.

Collaboration as a service

Move to an OpEx model and pay only for the services you really need and use.