Voice Intelligence

Have smarter, more productive and inclusive meetings with real-time transcription and translations.

Webex Assistant

The artificial intelligence-powered Webex Assistant for Meetings interacts with you to help with notes, action items, reminders, and more by using voice commands.

Why it's important?

In recent studies, respondents noted the importance of intelligent collaboration.


agree that meeting transcription and search will make meetings more valuable

Source: 2019 TechValidate survey

More than1/2

say an intelligent virtual meeting assistant is important to the future of work

Source: 2019 TechValidate survey


of users want their meeting tool to be smart

Source: Dimensional Research

Voice intelligence in Webex Meetings

Real-time meeting transcription and other intelligent voice features can turn talk into action.

Digital in-meeting assistant

Using voice commands, AI-powered Webex Assistant for Meetings interacts with you to help with notes, highlights, follow-up, and more.

Real-time translation

Translating English into 100+ languages brings people together, aids understanding and reduces costs.

Real-time transcription

Never miss a meeting detail with live meeting transcription and closed captioning.

Highlights, notes, action items

Ask Webex Assistant to take a note or just highlight the point yourself. Trigger words will also auto-capture key points.

What is real-time meeting transcription?

Real-time meeting transcription uses advanced voice technology for speech-to-text capture of what is discussed and decided in a meeting. This can result in better engagement, focus, accurate meeting records, and better productivity.

What is real-time meeting translation?

Real-time translation in Webex is the bridge to better collaboration, in any language. Activated in a meeting with a click, real-time translation aids your understanding, similar to watching a subtitled movie.

Real-time translation in Webex lets you

Eliminate language barriers and focus on great collaboration.

Personalize meetings on the fly by choosing translation from English to the language of your choice. 

Make meetings more inclusive and accessible for everyone.

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