Cisco Webex Support

Deliver fast customer service and support

Provide real-time support and customer service anywhere in the world. Cisco Webex Support helps you decrease costs while increasing your support team's productivity. Address employee and customer questions, perform fast fixes, access remote computers, and upgrade software – all through the cloud.

Protect your brand

Organizations today are faced with providing outstanding customer service and support, improving service representative productivity, reducing rising costs, and meeting compliance policies. Poor customer service and support experiences can lead to frustration, which affect an organization’s reputation and brand loyalty.

77% people say valuing time is most important for good service

Source: Forrester Research

89% of business leaders consider customer experience the "new battlefield" for competition.

Source: Gartner

Leader in Gartner Critical Capabilities

Source: Gartner

Features and benefits

Boost customer satisfaction

Start remote support sessions instantly. View customers' screens, control their desktops, demonstrate new features right in real time, and transfer files directly to their computer during a session.

Focus on customer service

Tailor features for customer service by turning off technical support–centric functionality. Deliver personalized service with high-quality video, chat, desktop sharing, WebACD queue, and network-based recording.

Work smoothly with remote access

View and control unattended computers, servers, and point-of-service systems remotely to resolve issues, run patches, and install updates. Access any system in your network with a small agent that can be deployed on remote machines.

Secure, scalable service

Services are delivered on-demand over the global Cisco Collaboration Cloud, requiring no additional software or hardware installations. Encryption technologies such as SSL and AES help ensure security of support sessions.



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