Cisco Webex Training

Deliver rich, interactive e-learning

Cisco Webex Training simplifies delivery of highly effective, online learning to anyone, anywhere, without sacrificing effectiveness. Provide a dynamic, interactive e-learning environment and better manage audience participation. Extend the reach of your training and e-learning initiatives without adding staff or increasing your travel budget.

Features and benefits

Engage students interactively

Promote collaborative learning by assigning students to break-out rooms and by sharing multimedia content. Give learners access to remote lab computers for hands-on technical training.

Monitor and measure class effectiveness

Measure proficiency with tests and instantly poll student opinions. Gauge individual and group attentiveness at any time with a visual attention indicator.

Interact and collaborate in real time

Participate in public or private chats with participants. Track questions and document responses with a threaded Q&A, and receive instant feedback and guidance from your audience with quick response tools.

Simplify and secure online training

Take advantage of self-scheduling, registration management, and reporting. Integrated audio provides hassle-free telephony or VoIP conferencing, and site and session security lets you set policies for training access and sharing.

Get higher productivity and lower costs

Boost your competitive edge through better-trained sales and support personnel. Attract and retain students through more compelling online learning—all while reducing hardware, software, and maintenance costs and maintaining data privacy.

Webex Assist Services

Tap our expertise to help you make the best of all tools for learner-centric training and deliver measurable success.

Meet where you learn

Get all the power of Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex—right in your learning management system.

Australian schools advocate agile learning

Through Webex we can bring more color and life to our lessons. That’s very powerful. It gives us enhanced contact with students, so we can support their learning in ways that weren’t possible before.

Robert Sleeman, Assistant Principal, Open Access College


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