Cisco Application Networking Services Modules

Application-Oriented Networking: Component Integration Allows Flexibility

The Cisco AON state-of-the-art design pre-integrates hardware and software components into a complete subsystem that can be flexibly deployed as an embedded network function in enterprise data centers, service-provider networks, branch offices, or other deployments.

Cisco AON is available in two versions that integrate into the Cisco family of switches and routers:

  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Application-Oriented Networking Module, which is a service module that is primarily deployed in the enterprise core and enterprise data centers
  • Cisco 2600/2800/3700/3800 Series Application-Oriented Networking Module, which is a network module that is primarily deployed at the branch office

Both the AON SM and the AON NM offer a high level of performance while providing a cost-effective solution to meet enterprise, service provider, and small-and-medium business organization needs. The Cisco AON modules also include software tools for managing and provisioning AON nodes, as well as for designing application policies using a library of "bladelets" that can be configured in different sequences as required. The modules also include a software development kit and API for flexible extension to any custom environment, operation, or format.

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