Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series 48-Port 100 BASE-X SFP Line Card

The Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series 48-port, nonblocking, 100BASE-X line card allows customers to combine various SFP optics based on the network need. One to forty-eight 100BASE-X SFP optics can be populated on a single line card, as 100BASE-X SFP optics are optional.

Customers can take advantage of the line cardÂ’s flexibility, which provides:

  • SFP optics support, including 100BASE-FX, 100BASE-LX10, 100BASE-BX-D, and 100BASE-BX-U
  • A flexible alternative to the Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series fixed 100BASE-X line cards
  • Enterprise and commercial applications: For fiber-to-the-desktop
  • Metro Ethernet: For service providers running point-to-point Fast Ethernet to the home or business

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