Cisco Catalyst 6000 Multilayer Switch Feature Card MSFC2


The Multilayer Switch Feature Card (MSFC2) For the Catalyst® 6500 Series delivers high performance multilayer switching and intelligent network services for both service provider and enterprise environments. The MSFC2, in combination with the Policy Feature Card (PFC), provides IP, IPX® and IP Multicast switching.

The MSFC2 is a Cisco IOS® router in a compact package and, when used in combination with the PFC, provides intelligent multilayer switching for the Catalyst 6000 Family in a single slot solution.

Key Features:

  • Delivers a broad array of Cisco IOS software services
  • Provides intelligent services with Cisco IOS software
  • Provides hardware based layer three switching for IP, IPX and IP Multicast; improved control plane performance; and support for large routing tables
  • Provides multimedia services such as CGMP, IGMP, and PIM, security services such as access lists and encryption, and CoS enablers such as RSVP and WFQ
  • Supports redundancy when redundant MSFC2 equipped supervisors are deployed

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