Cisco Circuit Emulation Services Port Adapter

Integrate Voice, Video and Data Over High-Speed ATM Backbones

The ATM Ciruit Emulation Services (CES) Port Adapter is a broadband, multi-service ATM interface for Cisco 7200 routers. It supports both data traffic and circuit emulated voice and/or video with traffic shaping.

Feature Function Benefit
Supports ATM Adaptation Layer (AAL) 5 Specifically designed to support the transport of high-speed LAN traffic over the ATM network Supports typical packet-based data traffic such as IP over ATM network
Supports ATM Forum-compliant AAL1 Designed for transport of circuit traffic over the ATM network Supports typical circuit traffic such as voice and video over ATM network
Constant Bit Rate (CBR) One of four service categories specified by ATM standard bodies

Service is for guaranteed bandwidth for CBR traffic

Allows for guaranteed delivery of voice and video traffic over the ATM network
Variable Bit Rate (VBR) One of four service categories specified by ATM standard bodies

Service is for guaranteed delivery of data traffic

Efficiently supports best-effort data traffic
Unspecified Bit Rate (UBR) One of several service categories specified by ATM standards bodies

Does not guarantee delivery of data

A common ATM service category used to transport high-speed/LAN traffic
Cisco IOS Software Support The ATM-CES port Adapter supports the full range of Cisco IOS software-based ATM features, including UNI 3.0, LAN internetworking support (RFCs 1483 and 1577), LANE 1.0, and a wide variety of MIBs and network management functionality Provides common network services across Cisco products
Structured and Unstructured CES ATM Forum has specified two modes for CES

Structured mode is intended to emulate point-to-point fractional DS1 or E1 circuits

Unstructured mode is intended to emulate point-to-point DS1 or E1 circuit

Structured CES allows for more- efficient use of the CBR bandwidth by supporting multiple n x 64 -kbps circuits to share one link

Unstructured CES is for clear-channel DSI or E1-Mbps circuits; it can be used with equipment that does not support standard framing formats, and is also easier to configure and provision

On/Off Hook CAS Detects absence or presence of voice traffic Allows for efficient use of bandwidth allocated for CBR traffic by reclaiming the bandwidth when there is no voice traffic and making that bandwidth available for ABR or UBR provisioned data traffic
Clocking from WAN or CES Ports The clock source can be derived from either the ATM port or from any one of the CES ports Provides flexibility to the user to use clocking from the PBXs connected to the CES ports
F4 and F5 Operation Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Support Designed to perform performance monitoring, failure detection, performance information, and fault isolation ATM-CES port adapter supports both F4 (virtual paths) and F5 (virtual channels) to ensure maintainability and reliability of the ATM connection

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