Cisco Connected Grid Modules

Get enhanced performance to meet the challenges of harsh utility substation environments, such as electrical surges and fluctuating operating temperatures. The Cisco Connected Grid Router WAN Interface Cards (GRWIC) module for the rugged Cisco 2000 Series Connected Grid Routers provide you with better security, broadband connectivity, and network reliability.

The GRWIC module and 2000 Series Connected Grid Router together offer:

  • Compliance with IEEE 1613 and IEC-61850-3 standards
  • No fans, and no moving parts for increased reliability

Choose from Ethernet switch modules, full or fractional T1/E1 configurations, or RS-232 serial connections for your substation management:

  • Ethernet switch module GRWIC with industry-leading Layer 2 and Layer 3 (optional) switching
  • 1-port T1/E1 Cisco Connected Grid Router WAN Interface Cards (GRWIC) with integrated channel service unit/data service unit (CSU/DSU)
  • 2-port T1/E1 Connected GRWIC with integrated CSU/DSU
  • 8-port Asynchronous/Synchronous RS-232 serial Connected GRWIC
  • Support for RS-232 connections to serial-based devices in substations (for example, remote terminal units)

With the Connected GRWIC module, you get terminal server capabilities with out-of-band management to devices behind the router.

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