Cisco MDS 9000 10-Gbps 8-Port FCoE Module

Cisco MDS 9000 10-Gbps 8-Port FCoE Moduleview expanded image

Cisco MDS 9000 10-Gbps 8-Port FCoE Module

Help Manage Fast-Growing Enterprise Networks

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) can save money, simplify management, reduce power and cooling requirements, and improve flexibility. The Cisco MDS 9000 10-Gbps 8-Port FCoE Module extends these FCoE benefits from the access layer to the data center. It is the industry’s first multi-hop FCoE module for the core data center.

Developed for Cisco MDS 9500 Series Fibre Channel Directors, the Cisco MDS 9000 10-Gbps 8-Port FCoE Module helps consolidate the network in the core to reduce complexity. It offers enterprise-class systems and topologies for FCoE deployments. By providing a converged fabric, it helps core Fibre Channel capacity to connect to the FCoE access layer, while preserving storage network services. or to service providers to deploy as part of their managed network services:

Gain Valuable Data Center Benefits

The Cisco MDS 9500 is a director-class platform, offering a next-generation approach that:

  • Increases agility and responsiveness by raising bandwidth capacity for both LAN and SAN deployments
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating infrastructure replication beyond the access layer
  • Enhances responsiveness by providing the ability to quickly set up, move, and change physical and virtual assets
  • Adds bandwidth through more efficient FCoE encoding
  • Reduces capital expenditures and operating expenses by protecting investments in Fibre Channel SANs and attached storage

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