Cisco Mix-Enabled T1/E1 Port Adapter for Cisco 7200VXR Series Routers

The MIX-Enabled T1/E1 multi-channel port adapter (PA-MCX) provides the ability to integrate legacy voice traffic and data over the same T1 or E1 interface. Using the Multi-service Interchange (MIX) bus of the 7200VXR router platform, the PA-MCX can:

  • Provide additional T1/E1 interfaces to voice channels on the Enhanced Digital Voice Port Adapter (PA-VXC-2TE1+), effectively enabling the DSPfarm feature
  • Terminate N x DS0 data channels off the same incoming T1 or E1
  • Provide local TDM switching between interfaces (Drop and Insert)
  • Or a mix of all the above functionalities

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