Cisco Network Processing Engines

Enhance the performance of your Cisco uBR7246VXR

The Network Processing Engine (NPE) is the primary routing engine for the Cisco Universal Broadband Router. A number of NPEs are available that offer:

  • Modular and evolutionary performance scaling capabilities
  • Effective capacity upgrades

With the introduction of the Cisco uBR7200-NPE-G2, cable operators can enhance performance and scalability of the Cisco uBR7246VXR, and thereby, maximize service and revenue generation. At 1.3 Mpps, the performance of the uBR7200-NPE-G2 is double that of the uBR7200-NPE-G1. This enhancement enables cable operators to offer higher speed data services and increase the number of VoIP sessions that each uBR7246VXR supports.

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