Cisco ONS 15454 SONET 48-port DS-3/EC-1 Interface Card

The Cisco ONS 15454 48-port DS-3/EC-1 electrical interface card provides 48 Telcordia-compliant, GR-499-CORE DS-3 C-Bit or M2/3 framed, or unframed interfaces operating at 44.736 Mbps received over 75 ohm coaxial cable. The Cisco Transport Controller craft manager supports manual-mode or auto-mode DS-3 frame format provisioning, simplifying the turn-up of services. DS-3/EC-1 signals are terminated on one of the Cisco ONS 15454 shelf assembly's high-density electrical interface adapter (EIA) panels. The DS-3 interface is used for terminating 44.736 Mbps plesiosynchronous transport signals within a central office or customer premise. Each DS-3 signal is mapped and transported over a single SONET STS-1 in asynchronous DS-3 mapping mode according to GR-253-CORE encapsulation requirements. The output STS-1 is connected to the Cisco ONS 15454 system's cross-connect matrix; enabling the signal to be groomed with other services for transport over a SONET network. EC-1 provisioning will be supported in a future software release.

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