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Wide Range of Platform and Interface Support

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Cisco 7000 Series Port Adapters support a wide range of LAN and WAN technologies that provide transport services for data and voice. The hallmark of the port adapter product line is the worldwide deployment of the vast array of technology interfaces that has enabled many years of trusted implementations.

Interchangeable across Cisco 7000 routing platforms, this product line has enabled enterprise and service provider customers to protect network investments while enabling platform transitioning and port adapter redeployment.

Supported Platforms

  • Cisco 7200 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7301 Routers
  • Cisco 7304 Routers
  • Cisco 7500 Series Routers
  • Cisco 7600 Series Routers
  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

Multichannel Port Adapter
Cisco’s family of multichannel port adapters provide cost-effective and flexible WAN connectivity.

Packet over SONET Port Adapters
The Packet over Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)/Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) Port Adapter is a single port, single-wide OC3c/STM1 POS Port Adapter (POS PA).

High Speed Serial Port Adapters
Cisco’s one- and two-port high speed serial port adapters provide network administrators with flexible options for T3 and E3 port density requirements.

ATM Port Adapter
M Port Adapters for Cisco 7000 Series Routers provide high-bandwidth, high-performance, and standards-based ATM connectivity for a wide range of Enterprise LAN/MAN, Enterprise WAN, and Service Provider applications.

Gigabit Ethernet Port Adapter
The Gigabit Ethernet Port Adapter offers an additional choice of high-speed LAN connection to the Cisco 7200VXR.

Fast Ethernet and Ethernet Port Adapters
The Cisco Fast Ethernet family of Port Adapters for Cisco 7000 Series Routers provide one and two port connectivity optimized for the specific requirements of campus and enterprise backbones and data centers. The Cisco Ethernet Port Adapters provide four and eight port connectivity.

HSSI Adapter
Cisco’s High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) Port Adapters enables network administrators to leverage their investments in Cisco 7500, 7200, and Route Switch Processor (RSP) 7000 routers.

Low Speed Serial Port Adapter
Cisco’s four- and eight-port serial port adapters provide network administrators with flexible options for a broad range of port density requirements.

ISDN Port Adapter
The ISDN port adapters for the Cisco 7000 Series Routers provide network administrators with flexible solutions that encompass a broad range of organizational networking needs.

IBM Channel and Token Ring Port Adapter
The Cisco family of channel port adapters allow connection of the Cisco 7200 Routers to IBM or IBM-compatible mainframes. The Cisco Token Ring port adapter for Cisco 7200 and 7500 Series Routers provides flexible WAN connectivity to Token Ring based LAN infrastructures with half/full duplex connectivity and speeds of 4/16 Mbps.

Mix-Enabled T1/E1 Port Adapter
The MIX-Enabled T1/E1 Port Adapter family offers single-width port adapters that incorporate two, four and eight ports configurable for either T1 or E1 connection that can be configured as voice, data, or both, depending on the application requirements.

Enhanced Digital Voice Port Adapter
The enhanced digital voice port adapter family for the Cisco 7000 Series Routers provides large scale voice termination to private branch exchanges (PBXs) and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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