Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card 1240

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Superior Flexibility and Performance

Deploy a high-performance, converged network adapter with the Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card (VIC) 1240. This adapter provides acceleration for the various new operational modes introduced by server virtualization and brings superior flexibility, performance and bandwidth to the new generation of Cisco Unified Computing System blade servers.

Simplify and supercharge your converged infrastructure. (2:42 min)

In virtualized environments, this highly configurable and self-virtualized adapter provides integrated modular LAN interfaces on the motherboard (LOM) for the new blade servers. It is capable of supporting four 10 GB ports and 256 PCIe devices. See additional features and capabilities below.

Cisco SingleConnect Technology

Cisco SingleConnect Technology is an easy, intelligent, and efficient way to connect and manage computing in the data center. Cisco SingleConnect unifies LAN, SAN, and systems management into one simplified link for rack servers, blade servers, and virtual machines.

Cisco SingleConnect is one connection:

  • For rack servers and blade servers
  • For LAN, SAN, and systems management
  • For physical servers and virtual machines

Advanced Support for Virtualized Environments

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 implements the Cisco VM-FEX, which unifies virtual and physical networking into a single infrastructure. It provides virtual-machine visibility from the physical network and a consistent network operations model for physical and virtual servers.

The Cisco UCS VIC 1240 supports VMware's VMDirectPath with vMotion technology, which allows it to:

  • "Pass through" the hypervisor layer
  • Provide near-bare-metal performance for unified computing systems

Feature and Capabilities

  • Integrated modular LOM for new generation Cisco UCS blade servers
  • Delivers up to 80 Gbps aggregate bandwidth to the servers, with the use of an I/O expander in the optional mezzanine slot
  • Near bare-metal I/O performance
  • Ease of management
  • Exceptional network visibility

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