Optical Networking

Optical Networking Solutions

Post-Quantum Security - Preparing for a New Era

Quantum computing has the potential to break secure key exchange protocols. This has triggered investigations into alternative methods to distribute encryption keys. Along with tracking developments in this space, we are bringing to market a flexible solution called Secure Key Integration Protocol (SKIP).

Network Modernization - Transformation of TDM to IP Solution

Modernize your network with Cisco’s high-density circuit-emulation (CEM) technology. A cost-effective network modernization path for service providers and network operators with ongoing TDM services, this Cisco solution enables dramatic cuts in OpEx, while reducing footprint and power by up to 90%, and scales the network for future packet growth.

Network Convergence

Gain visibility and programmability across your IP packet and optical network layers and optimize end-to-end service delivery.

DWDM - Pure Play Solution

Deliver massive scale, touchless programmability, flexible orchestration of wavelengths and and ease of use.

  • Encrypting your Optical Transport Network – Overview

Data Center Interconnect Solution

Cisco’s Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solution is optimized for high density with a small footprint; is deployed with a single operating system across the routing and optical layer, and is delivered with a unified management system that lets you do more with less.


Meet your bandwidth demands by transporting traffic over a high-capacity optical network, and deploy backup and disaster recovery.