Product Approvals

Legal Disclaimer: Cisco Corporate Compliance strongly recommends that, before placing any purchase order(s) for Cisco Product(s), every Customer check the homologation status of the product(s) in the Product Approvals Database.

The Product Approvals Database is a repository of information regarding the homologation status for given Cisco products in certain countries. Nonetheless, it does not reflect the status of every possible Cisco product configuration in every possible country or user environment. While it is Cisco's intent to keep the Database's content accurate and up-to-date, please note that the speed with which the relevant country laws can develop, the large number of countries (140+) covered, and the number of Cisco products (many thousands) involved, make it possible that some relevant information regarding the status of a particular Cisco product in a particular country or environment may not be up to date or accurate. Given this, to the extent allowed by applicable law, Cisco hereby disclaims any and all liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the Product Approvals Database. Also, the information contained therein does not constitute any representation, warranty, assurance, or guarantee by Cisco with respect to whether a particular Cisco product meets the homologation requirements of a specific country.