Collaboration Phones and Endpoints

Get full-featured IP phones for less

Cisco IP phones provide integrated business features and converged communications far beyond today’s conventional voice systems. Get significant savings off the new product list price on our most popular products, including the 7800 phone series.

Cisco Refresh collaboration products are…


Get significant savings off the new product list price. Financing options available through Cisco Capital.


Products are Certified Remanufactured by Cisco. They have the same warranty and support options as new equipment.


Cisco Refresh products are fully licensed and meet applicable regulatory and safety compliance requirements.

How to buy

Cisco Refresh makes it easy

View inventory online and purchase equipment through an authorized Cisco reseller.


Listed below is an example of some of our more popular Certified Remanufactured (-RF) collaboration SKUs that we often stock for quick ship or remanufactured-to-order. Visit the Cisco Build & Price tool to create an estimate for what you want to order. You can then request a quote from a reseller in your vicinity. For the most up-to-date downloadable inventory list, use the 1 Click Tool.

Cisco SKU
-RF Cisco SKU
CP-7841-K9= CP-7841-K9-RF
CP-7945G= CP-7945G-RF
CP-7962G= CP-7962G-RF
CP-7965G= CP-7965G-RF
CP-7975G= CP-7975G-RF
CP-8831-K9= CP-8831-K9-RF
CP-8945-K9= CP-8945-K9-RF
CP-8961-C-K9= CP-8961-C-K9-RF

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Need a little guidance?

Our dedicated sales team supports our Channel Partners and end customers, providing a Cisco Refresh alternative to unauthorized used products and non-Cisco solutions.

Disclaimer: Cisco Refresh (Cisco Certified Remanufactured Equipment) is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Cisco Refresh team directly for complete details.