What is Certified Remanufactured Equipment?

Certified Remanufactured equipment is pre-owned product that has had critical software and hardware upgrades made and has been thoroughly tested and retested to meet stringent manufacturers specifications. Certified Remanufactured equipment meets the same quality standards that you would expect from a new product.

What are the differences between Remanufactured, Refurbished and Reuse “As-Is”?


  • Highest level of screening, testing and repairing
  • Shipped with a valid software license and comes with the same warranty as the equivalent new equipment
  • Fully certified and compliant with manufacturers standards

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  • Fully functional but may include down version hardware and/or cosmetic imperfections
  • Excess used product inventory that has a useful life.
  • Learn more about the Cisco Refurbished line of business

Reuse / “As-Is”:

  • Used product sold in "As-Is" condition as an assembled unit with no warranty nor service commitment
  • No screening, testing or repairing

Why use Certified Remanufactured equipment?


Competitively priced in line with market rates


Meet timelines with immediately available equipment.


Move to the circular economy and minimize environmental impact.


Same support options as new product equivalents

Optimum Performance

Latest proprietary hardware and software upgrades


Same warranty terms as new products counterparts


Valid software licensing

Disclaimer: Cisco Refresh (Cisco Certified Remanufactured Equipment) is available in more than 70 countries. Please contact the Cisco Refresh team directly for complete details.