Trends in transport and datacenter networking

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Mass-Scale Infrastructure for Cloud

Simplification and scalability for the cloud data center



Massive performance in a compact platform that delivers sustainable and simplified networking.


Unified architecture with Cisco Silicon Oneā„¢ and a single NOS from the data center through transport.


Future proof with the ability to scale from 100G to 400G to 800G and beyond.


Pick the hardware and NOS that works best for your environment.

Use cases

As applications and workloads generate more traffic, data centers are being challenged in new ways. Providers need solutions to build the next generation of scalable and efficient data centers.

IP Fabric

High capacity and sustainable top of rack (ToR), leaf, spine, and super-spine roles.

Large Scale AI/ML Clusters

High performance computing that requires 400G and 800G connections.


Low latency and flexible solutions for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Data Center Interconnect

Fixed and modular solutions optimized for metro and long haul.