Cisco IOS XRd vRouter

Deploy XR anywhere: Far edge to public cloud

Extend your transport network into public clouds or hybrid cloud environments with Cisco IOS XRd vRouter. Integrate telco workloads deployed across public clouds, operator edge, and private enterprise clouds when you use a unified routing domain connected via Cisco IOS XRd vRouters. All with industry-standard routing technologies. Then use your automation and assurance systems for monitoring XRd vRouters, no matter your cloud infrastructure.

Features and benefits

Get a unified routing domain and service-aware forwarding plane, with industry-standard technologies. From any workload location.

Optimized for low-footprint deployments

Get more CapEx savings with XRd compute optimized for power, space, and cooling at edge locations.

Agile and scalable

Experience faster boot-up time similar to other containerized applications and scalable capacity when you add new resources.

Modern, simplified OS

IOS XR simplifies your network with a flexible, modular design shared with other physical routers for a faster boot-up that uses less memory. Integrated streaming telemetry data means better network visibility. Open APIs allow engineers to build proactive policy responses to network events.

Service-aware forwarding

Simplify your network by minimizing the stitching points between edge, data center, cloud, and transport networks with industry-standard segment routing.

What is XRd?

XRd is a containerized XR operating system that you can deploy on any kind of on-premises or public cloud infrastructure. XRd brings the industry's leading routing stack to the cloud, for a consistent XR experience.