Endpoint Security That's Endlessly Secure

Most solutions are 99% effective. That means you are 100% vulnerable.

Traditional endpoint solutions are just that. Traditional.


Cisco Secure Endpoint, formerly AMP for Endpoints, blocks known malware exploits accurately and efficiently. Conversely, legacy antivirus (AV) can be blind to malware in zip format and fail to catch advanced threats.


Traditional AV solutions may struggle to accurately detect low prevalence threats. Cisco Secure Endpoint continuously monitors all file activity, resulting in faster detection of new threats.


Unlike traditional endpoint security tools, Cisco Secure Endpoint provides patented, retrospective security that rapidly contains the threat at the first sign of malicious behavior.


Legacy AV deployments often require complex configuration and management, involving multiple "process hungry" agents. Cisco Secure Endpoint provides prevention, detection, and response all in one solution.

NHSGGC tackles the riskiest threats with Cisco

Following the global outbreak of Wannacry, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde grew concerned about ransomware entering its business. With a need for more advanced endpoint security to counter the riskiest 1% of threats, it switched to Cisco Secure Endpoint for an integrated, proactive solution.