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The 2022 Trusted Access Report is here

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Access Management Buyer’s Guide

This guide provides insight for finding an access management solution as dynamic as the cyberthreat landscape.

Cisco rides the wave as a leader in zero trust

"Cisco pushes the zero trust envelope the right way." Learn why Forrester has identified Cisco as a market leader in its Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers, Q3 2020 report.

Secure applications and data at scale

The journey to a complete zero trust security model starts with a secure workforce. Duo verifies user identity and device health at every login attempt, providing trusted access to your applications. With Duo, you can:

Establish user trust

Verify the identity of all users before granting access to corporate applications and resources.

Gain visibility into devices

Get detailed insight into every type of device accessing your applications, across every platform.

Establish device trust

Check the security posture and verify trust of all devices--corporate and personally owned--accessing your applications.

Enable secure access to all apps

Give your users a secure and consistent login experience to on-premises and cloud applications.

Cloud Marketplace

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Optimize applications and workloads running on AWS. Cisco Duo is also available in the AWS Marketplace.

Microsoft Azure

Connect with Microsoft Azure to see and improve your application resources and manage costs. Cisco Duo is also available on the Azure Marketplace.

Customer stories

Sonic Automotive

"Duo was an easy choice for us. It can help us to achieve our vision of zero-trust security. The deployment was effortless and smooth. We opted for a phased roll-out starting with critical applications and expanding to all the applications and users."
-Jeff Smith, Senior Information Security Engineer, Sonic Automotive


"Duo Beyond has enabled us to push our zero-trust strategy faster, allowing us to utilize client systems (ChromeOS to be specific) that were difficult and costly to support, making it very low effort to bring new services online and granting granular access control."
-Mike Johnson, CISO, Lyft

University of Louisville Hospital

"We are adopting a zero-trust security framework, and we know we needed MFA to start with. It was an easy choice for us. It was the first-ever security solution recommended by the users and by clinicians. This never happens in healthcare."

-John Zuziak, CISO, University of Louisville Hospital

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