Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service

Traditional email is not truly secure

Despite the rise in text messaging, instant messaging, and social networking, email continues to be the predominant business collaboration tool. The unsecured nature of email, however, exposes sensitive information to malicious attacks. The Cisco Secure Email Encryption Service (formerly Cisco Registered Envelope Service) provides enhanced security and reliable controls for traditional email tools. It is fully integrated into most common email technologies and into a user's daily email routine.

How Secure Email Encryption Service works

  1. Encryption is triggered by policy or by data loss prevention tools.
  2. Cisco Secure Email creates an encryption key and wraps email in an HTML envelope to the recipient.
  3. When Envelope Storage is enabled, the key and message are stored temporarily in Secure Email Encryption Service.
  4. Recipient clicks on the link to open the message on any device.



Secure Email Encryption Service is based on robust technology that uses the most reliable email encryption algorithms available, including:

  • Two-step verification: Secure Email Encryption Service ensures the intended recipient is registered and authenticated before reading the email.

Ease of use

Secure Email Encryption Service provides strong encryption while being easy to use.

  • The encrypted payload can be decrypted by the end recipient without any special software or applications installed on the endpoint.
  • The Easy Open feature provides a consistent user experience for opening secure messages on any device.

Enhanced email controls

Secure Email Encryption Service gives senders full control to terminate or recall emails and know when an email was opened.

  • Once a recipient authenticates and receives the encryption key, Secure Email Encryption Service delivers a read receipt to the sender in seconds.
  • By selecting the Recall option, the key to decrypt the data expires, making it impossible to access the message.
  • Set an expiration date before sending a message, after which time the message is terminated and the information becomes inaccessible.
  • Forward, Reply, and Reply All can be selected or disabled only if your company authorizes it.


Secure Email Encryption Service enhances your email experience by providing read receipts, email recall, email expiration, and control over forward and reply capabilities in your favorite email client. Secure Email Encryption Service removes the complexity of encryption and key management, so you can send and receive highly secure messages as easily as unencrypted emails. Evaluate how Secure Email Encryption Service could work for you. Contact a Cisco sales representative, channel partner, or systems engineer today.


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