Cisco Security Analytics and Logging

Aggregate and analyze logs at scale

Security Analytics and Logging streamlines decision making by aggregating logs from various Cisco devices and providing an intuitive view of network activity. Security Analytics and Logging can be expanded at the user’s discretion, allowing for longer retention and analysis, and even alerts on potential threats found in your firewall and other networking devices.

A simplified security experience

Simplified data logging to meet your network’s needs.

Why Cisco Security Analytics and Logging?

Streamline operations with scalable logging

Scalable log retention from a diverse set of Cisco security and networking devices provides enhanced contextual awareness.

Simplify decision making

Accelerate network and security operations and gain greater visibility through an intuitive view of log data.

Amplify threat detection and response

Maximize network telemetry by layering behavioral analytics on your firewall, private network, and public cloud logs for high-fidelity threat detection.


Simplify security management

Greatly reduce false positives with high-fidelity alerts supported by underlying observations.

Harmonize policy management

Monitor networks and modify policies by deploying behavioral-based analytics on firewall logs and network telemetry.  

Enhance threat detection

Detect internal and external threats or suspicious activity by proactively monitoring network behavior.

Meet compliance mandates

Easily monitor your organization for compliance with industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and more.

Get started with Logging Volume Estimator

Estimate the daily combined event rate for all devices on your network.