Cisco IT Security Makeover: Season 1

Keeping attackers at bay

Using our security solutions, Cisco partners team up to protect an orthodontics office in Michigan from ransomware and other advanced malware attacks.

Before, during, and after the makeover

Watch as Cisco’s own Mike Storm, a cybersecurity principal engineer, explores the dynamic partnership between AGS, a Cisco partner and managed services provider, and TD Tech Solutions, a Cisco distributor. Together, they helped protect a small business’s network from attacks.

“Swiss cheese”

Mike meets the customer and uncovers the state of the network before the IT security makeover. (2:55 min)

Under attack

AGS and TD Tech Solutions conduct a proof of value (POV) and discover a disconcerting fact. (3:01 min)

Layers of security

From endpoints to the network to the cloud, Cisco products give this business owner peace of mind. (3:34 min)

Watch other seasons

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