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Updated:March 6, 2023

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Updated:March 6, 2023


The Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server delivers record-breaking performance for space-constrained environments.

Product overview

Cisco UCS® C220 M6 Rack

The Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server is a 2-socket, 1-Rack-Unit (1RU) rack server offering industry-leading performance and expandability. It delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency for a wide range of workloads, including virtualization, collaboration, and bare-metal applications. Cisco UCS C-Series M6 Rack Servers can be deployed as standalone servers, as part of a Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) managed environment, and now with Cisco Intersight to take advantage of Cisco’s standards-based unified computing innovations that help reduce customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increase their business agility.

In response to ever-increasing computing and data-intensive real-time workloads, the enterprise-class Cisco UCS C220 M6 server extends the capabilities of the Cisco UCS portfolio in a 1RU form factor. It incorporates 3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, supporting up to 40 cores per socket and 33 percent more memory versus the previous generation.

The C220 M6 rack server brings many new innovations to the UCS rack server portfolio. With the introduction of PCIe Gen4 for high speed I/O, DDR4 memory bus, and expanded storage capabilities, the server delivers significant performance and efficiency gains that will improve your application performance.

      Supports the third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPU, with up to 40 cores per socket

      Up to 32 DDR4 DIMMs for improved performance including higher density DDR4 DIMMs (16 DIMMs per socket)

      16x DDR4 DIMMs + 16x Intel Optane persistent memory modules for up to 10 TB of memory

      Up to 3 PCIe 4.0 slots plus a modular LAN on Motherboard (mLOM) slot

      Support for Cisco UCS VIC 1400 Series adapters as well as third-party options

      Up to 10 SAS/SATA or NVMe disk drives

    Support for 12-Gbps SAS modular RAID controller in a dedicated slot, leaving the remaining PCIe Generation 4.0 slots available for other expansion cards

    Option for 10 direct-attach NVMe drives at PCIe Gen4 x4 each

      M.2 boot options

    Up to 960 GB with optional hardware RAID

      Up to three GPUs supported

      Modular LAN-On-Motherboard (mLOM) slot that can be used to install a Cisco UCS Virtual Interface Card (VIC) without consuming a PCIe slot, supporting quad port 10/40 Gbps or dual port 40/100 Gbps network connectivity

      Dual embedded Intel x550 10GBASE-T LAN-On-Motherboard (LOM) ports

      Modular M.2 SATA SSDs for boot

Powering Next-Generation Applications

The Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server is well-suited for a wide range of workloads, including:

      IT and web infrastructure

      High-performance virtual desktops

      Medium-sized and distributed databases



      Public cloud

C220 M6 servers can be deployed as standalone servers, part of a Cisco UCS managed environment, or via Cisco Intersight. When used in combination with Cisco Intersight, the C220 M6 brings the power and automation of unified computing to enterprise applications, including Cisco SingleConnect technology, drastically reducing switching and cabling requirements.

Cisco Intersight leverages the familiar capabilities of UCS Manager with service profiles, templates, and policy-based management to enable rapid deployment and help ensure deployment consistency. If also enables end-to-end server visibility, management, and control in both virtualized and bare-metal environments.

The Cisco Integrated Management Controller (IMC) delivers comprehensive out-of-band server management with support for many industry standards, including:

      Redfish Version 1.11.1 (2021.1 schema0)

      Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) v2.0

      Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v2 and v3


      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

      Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP)

      cKVM (all new Cisco KVM)

      Command-Line Interface (CLI)

      XML API

Management Software Development Kits (SDKs) and DevOps integrations exist for Python, Microsoft PowerShell, Ansible, Puppet, Chef, and more. For more information about integrations, see Cisco DevNet (

Product specifications

Table 1 lists the specifications for the Cisco UCS C220 M6 Rack Server.

Table 1.        Specifications



Form factor

1RU rack server


3rd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (1 or 2)


32 DDR4 DIMM slots: 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB up to 3200 MHz

Support for the Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory (128G, 256G, 512G)

PCIe expansion

3 PCIe 4.0 slots plus 1 dedicated 12-Gbps RAID controller slot and 1 dedicated mLOM slot

RAID controllers

  Internal controllers: Cisco 12-Gbps Modular RAID Controller (PCIe 4.0) with 4-GB Flash-Backed Write Cache (FBWC), providing enterprise-class data protection for up to 10 SAS and SATA Hard Disk Drives (HDDs), SSDs, or NVMe PCIe SSDs; or Cisco 12-Gbps Modular SAS Host Bus Adapter (HBA)
  External controller: Cisco 12-Gbps 9500-8e SAS HBA

Internal storage

Backplane options:

  Up to 10 x 2.5-inch SAS and SATA HDDs and SSDs and up to 4 NVMe PCIe drives
  Up to 10 x 2.5-inch NVMe PCIe SSDs (All direct attach Gen4 x4)

Embedded Network Interface Cards (NICs)

Dual 10GBASE-T Intel x550 Ethernet ports


Dedicated mLOM slot that can flexibly accommodate 10/25/40, and 100-Gbps adapters

Power supplies

Hot-pluggable, redundant 1050W AC, 1050W DC, 1600W AC, and 2300W AC

Other storage

  Dedicated Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) FlexMMC for utilities (on board)
  Dual M.2 SATA SSDs with HW Raid support


Rack options

Cisco ball-bearing rail kit with optional reversible cable management arm

Hardware and software interoperability

See the Cisco Hardware and Software Interoperability List for a complete listing of supported operating systems and peripheral options.

System requirements

Table 2 lists system requirements for the server.

Table 2.        System requirements



Cisco UCS Manager (optional)

Release 4.2(1) or later

Cisco IMC

Release 4.2(1) or later

Ordering information

Table 3.        Ordering information

Part #

Product description


C220 M6 1RU standard server with up to 10x SFF drive bays


C220 M6 1RU NVMe optimized server with up to 10x NVMe drive capability

For information about installing or upgrading your server, see the Cisco UCS C220 M6 Server Installation and Service Guide.

For ordering information, see Cisco UCS C220 M6 SFF rack server specifications sheet.

Warranty information

The Cisco UCS C220 M6 server has a three-year, Next-Business-Day (NBD) hardware warranty and a 90-day software warranty.

Cisco support

Augmenting the Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) warranty, Cisco Smart Net Total Care and Cisco Solution Support services are part of Cisco's technical services portfolio. Smart Net Total Care combines Cisco's industry-leading and award-winning foundational technical services with an extra level of actionable business intelligence that is delivered to you through the smart capabilities in the Smart Net Total Care portal. Learn more about Smart Net Total Care.

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This service centralizes support across your multivendor Cisco environment for both our products and solution partner products that you have deployed in your ecosystem. Whether there is an issue with a Cisco product or with a solution partner product, just call us. Our experts are the primary point of contact and own the case from first call to resolution. Learn more about Cisco Solution Support.

Product sustainability

Information about Cisco’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and performance is provided in Cisco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability reporting.

Table 4.        Cisco environmental sustainability information

Sustainability topic



Information on product-material-content laws and regulations


Information on electronic waste laws and regulations, including our products, batteries, and packaging

WEEE compliance

Information on our product takeback and reuse program

Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program

Sustainability inquiries


Operating and nonoperating conditions

Product specifications


Product packaging weight and materials


Product environmental information

Product environmental information for users per Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/424

Cisco and partner services

Cisco and our industry-leading partners deliver services that can accelerate your transition to a Cisco UCS X-Series Modular System solution. Cisco Unified Computing Systems Services can help you create an agile infrastructure, accelerate time to value, reduce costs and risks, and maintain availability during deployment and migration. After deployment, our services can help you improve performance, availability, and resiliency as your business needs evolve and help you further mitigate risk. For more information, visit

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