Cisco Catalyst 1300 Series Switches

Simplicity, flexibility, and security

Cisco Catalyst 1300 Series Switches provide simplicity, flexibility, and security for small and medium-sized business (SMB) networks. With an intuitive dashboard, advanced features, and pervasive security, these managed access switches are positioned to accelerate your digital transformation.

Features of Cisco Catalyst 1300 Series Switches


Use the intuitive dashboard to automate the deployment, monitoring, and lifecycle management of your switches.


Pervasive security helps to safeguard your network and the privacy of your customers.


Gigabit, multigigabit, and 10G ports and wire-speed performance provide a solid foundation for SMB networks.


Get true stacking of up to four switches, all functioning as a single device with unified management and control.

Cisco Catalyst 1300 Series models

Cisco Business Dashboard

Cisco Business Dashboard makes managing a business network easy by automating the deployment, monitoring, and lifecycle management of Cisco Business switches, routers, and wireless access points.

Services for Small Business

Get software updates, extended access to the Cisco Small Business Support Center, and expedited hardware replacement if you need it. Services for Small Business helps you protect your investment and get added value from Cisco Business products. The service is delivered by Cisco and backed by your Cisco partner.

Small business networking solutions

Operate your network with simple, flexible, and highly secure solutions specifically designed for the small business.


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