Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series Switches

Enterprise-grade capabilities for your industrial edge

Gain more enterprise network capabilities at the industrial edge and improve performance, scale, visibility, and security. Incorporating advanced Cisco switching architectures, the Cisco Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 Rugged Series switches are built for the most demanding use cases.

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Put more IT into your operations network

Connect, manage, and secure your industrial network with proven tools.

Unprecedented performance

Improve efficiency with higher switching capacity, improved quality of service (QoS), and high precision time synchronization.

Ease of management

Stack up to eight switches to appear as a single switch, without increasing management complexity.

Industry-leading operational security

Use link encryption, segment your network, and reduce cyber risk by assessing the security posture of connected industrial endpoints.

Granular visibility

Increase uptime with detailed visibility into connected assets, applications, and network health.

Automated and scalable fabric

Bring the automated and agile Cisco SD-Access fabric to the IoT edge to enable zero-trust security in operation environments.

Industrial grade

Multiple redundancy protocols, ruggedization, and industry certifications make the series suitable for a wide variety of use cases.

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Learn how the new Cisco Catalyst IE9300 Rugged Series switches can help your OT network benefit from the latest advances in IT networking for the most stringent use cases.

Manage your industrial network with familiar tools

Reduce downtime through quick issue resolution, boost efficiencies with automation and guided workflows, and stay compliant with your original design by tracking and resolving changes with Cisco DNA Center.

Cybersecurity built into your industrial network

Protect your industrial operations from cyber threats. The Cisco Catalyst IE9300 with Cisco Cyber Vision gives you comprehensive visibility at scale, so you understand your security posture, and is fully integrated with Cisco's end-to-end industrial security solution.

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Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300 switches are ideal for industrial environments that need increased fiber connectivity, advanced redundancy and resiliency, and an extra degree of security.


  • 26 SFP and 2 combo ports
  • Advanced industrial protocols
  • Cisco IOS XE Software
  • Configurable as SD-Access fabric edge
  • Edge compute-ready
  • Cisco Cyber Vision


  • 26 SFP and 2 combo ports
  • Backplane stacking with StackWise 160
  • Advanced industrial protocols
  • Lossless redundancy protocols
  • Cisco IOS XE Software
  • Configurable as SD-Access fabric edge
  • Edge compute-ready
  • Cisco Cyber Vision

Use cases


Automate your substation and begin your migration to new standards and regulations.


Increase vehicle throughput at tollbooths and intersections.

Oil and gas

Build a reliable IoT network for oil and gas distribution and help ensure public safety.


Connect signaling and level crossings along railroad tracks and help ensure passenger safety.

To truly modernize the power grid, utilities need to ensure their substations are efficient and resilient. Developed with the robust needs of the industrial world in mind, including adhering to the stringent IEC 61850 networking standards, the new Cisco Catalyst IE9300 switch empowers utilities to accelerate substation modernization with the agile connectivity needed to power a high-demand future.

Adam Nathan, Utility & Energy Industry Practice Manager, World Wide Technology