Cisco Nexus 3164Q Switch

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Ultra-High-Density Data Center Switch

Get ultra-high-density, advanced programmability, and workload isolation on a wire-rate Layer 2 and 3 switch with the data-center-class Cisco NX-OS operating system. The Cisco Nexus 3164Q Switch, part of the Cisco Unified Fabric family, is a compact 2-rack-unit (2RU) switch for top-of-rack data center deployments or end-of-row deployments.

Features and Capabilities

The Cisco Nexus 3164Q Switch offers both high performance and ease of operations.

Flexibility and High Performance

Optimized for low latency and efficient operations, the switch offers:

  • Transparent mobility and tenant isolation with VXLAN
  • Layer 2 and 3 switching of up to 5.12 terabits per second (Tbps)
  • Optimized latency with a physical-layer-free (PHY-less) design on all ports
  • 64 fixed 40 Gigabit Ethernet Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable Plus (QSFP+) ports

Ease of Operations

The modular and resilient Cisco NX-OS operating system is purpose-built for data center deployments with comprehensive features for Layer 2 and Layer 3. Manageability and programmability features promote ease of use and include:

  • Cisco NX-API web service for simplified switch programmability
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities, with support for Cisco onePK
  • Powerful ASIC-level access to command-line shell
  • PowerOn Auto Provisioning (POAP) for touchless bootup and configuration of the switch, drastically reducing provisioning time
  • Integration with the Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager and XML management tools

Specifications at a Glance

Physical specifications:

  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Redundant (3 plus 1) and hot-swappable fans
  • One 10/100/1000 Mbps management port
  • 1 RS-232 serial console port
  • 64 QSFP+ ports, each supporting native 40 Gigabit Ethernet and 4 x 10 Gigabit Ethernet modes
  • 2 USB ports

Performance specifications:

  • 5.12 Tbps switching capacity
  • Forwarding rate of 3800 million packets per second (mpps)
  • Line-rate traffic throughput (Layers 2 and 3) on all ports
  • 48-MB buffer

Contact Cisco

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  • 1-800-553-6387
  • US/CAN | 5am-5pm PT