Switching Solutions

Cisco switches deliver highly secure, reliable, and transparent solutions for networks of all sizes.

Enterprise networks | Data center | Service provider | Small business | Industrial networks

Enterprise networks

Audio Video Bridging

Improve quality of experience, helps scale applications, and lower total cost of ownership with simplified digitization of AV networks.

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Cisco DNA Service for Bonjour

Enable Bonjour services discovery and advertisement at scale for enterprise networks, schools, and universities with a software-defined, controller-based solution.

Cisco multigigabit switching technology

Get ready for Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2 with more speed over installed Category 5e and 6 cables. Use it to support better user experiences​.​

Cisco smart building solutions

Imagine what your building can do for you, and be prepared for whatever comes next.

Cisco Software-Defined Access

Automate infrastructure based on one policy across the entire access network, as a single fabric.

Cisco ThousandEyes solutions

Instantly identify what is affecting user experiences across any domain—even domains that you don't own or control.

Meraki cloud-managed networking

Get highly secure, scalable performance and intuitive management with Meraki cloud-managed access and aggregation layer switches.

Network analytics

Get the high-quality visibility and fast remediation you need to assure service, from user to app.

Data center

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

Use software-defined networking (SDN) to automate and simplify data center network provisioning and operations.


Get automated, cross-stack intelligence for continuous business and application performance monitoring.

Cisco Secure Data Center

Defend against today’s sophisticated attacks with integrated protection and dynamic, intelligent control.

Cisco Tetration

Improve data center security with zero-trust operations. Use behavior-based application insight and machine learning to segment through automated policy enforcement.

Cisco Network Assurance Engine

Verify your entire network with the most comprehensive assurance engine. Predict the impact of changes, verify networkwide behavior, and help assure network security policy and compliance.

Service provider

Network infrastructure

Deliver personalized, next-generation services and media experiences anywhere, anytime.


Transform business operations with multimedia applications. Optimize, scale, and help secure delivery of high-quality experiences.


Adopt this technology to support an architecture that accommodates a rapidly expanding Internet of users, applications, and appliances.

Carrier Ethernet

Implement Cisco carrier-class Ethernet switches to support rapidly expanding global IP traffic requirements.

Wireline Carriers

Adopt comprehensive network infrastructure and IPTV solutions to deliver dynamic, personalized services, and media experiences.

Small business

Small Business Switches

Build a basic network that connects your small business to the world securely, reliably, and affordably.

Industrial networks

Industrial network connectivity

Extend the Cisco network you know and trust to harsh environments by using our industrial network and automation tools.

Industrial connectivity management

Meet IT's and operations' needs with familiar, easy-to-use network management tools.

Industrial IoT/OT Security

Extend zero trust security to your industrial networks by identifying endpoints, implementing policy-based segmentation, and detecting and mitigating threats effectively.

Industrial data control and exchange

Simplify edge-to-multicloud data flow by efficiently extracting, transforming, and delivering data to your applications, and the resulting optimizations back into the industrial asset automation and control systems.

Industrial edge computing

Develop IoT applications at the edge to accelerate business outcomes and scale flexible deployments with real-time data.