Cisco IAD2400 Series Integrated Access Devices

Cisco IAD2400 Series Integrated Access Devicesview expanded image

Cisco Integrated Access Devices

The Cisco Integrated Access Device family offers excellent integration of data, toll-quality analog or digital voice, security and wireless services for a customer premises equipment (CPE) solution. The products have been designed for current and emerging multiservice needs of competitive local exchange carriers and other service providers and help them offer managed integrated services to small and medium customers to keep their users within their domains, enhance customer loyalty, reduce churn, and potentially increase their ARPU.

The Cisco IAD2430 is the enhanced product in the portfolio. It features:

  • Private Branch Exchange(PBX) or IP PBX Interconnects
  • A next-generation autoinstallation mechanism designed for faster service turn-up, configuration, and remote updates

The Cisco IAD880 Series offers cost-effective platforms for providing interconnect solutions to accelerate the migration from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to voice over IP (VoIP).

Key benefits offered by Cisco IADs to Service Providers:

  • Increase revenue opportunities: Deliver diverse and flexible integrated services tailored to the growth opportunities of the evolving SMB market.
  • Operational Efficiencies: The Cisco IAD family can increase operational efficiencies by reducing or eliminating the necessity for complete hardware upgrades, warehousing, complete equipment upgrades, and highly skilled technician involvement.
  • Functional Intelligence: When used with the popular Cisco Configuration Express tool, the auto installation technology offers true ready-to-use installation.
  • Expand market opportunities: Continually add new capabilities with the Cisco integrated access device platform to keep the SMB competitive.

Key benefits offered by Cisco IADs to End Users:

  • Robust Voice Quality: The Cisco experience in providing toll-quality packet-voice service helps ensure that the Cisco IAD family provides the clear, robust voice quality that users have come to expect from telephony services.
  • Reliability: Cisco products are renowned for their exceptional reliability earned through years of proven industry service. The Cisco IAD family extends the same reliability standards to managed service environments to provide end users with high levels of dependability.
  • Service Flexibility: Today's rapidly changing business environment leads to constant change in network requirements of small and medium-sized businesses. The Cisco IAD family allows service providers to add or remove service offerings remotely based on end-user needs.

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