Cisco IAD2430 Integrated Access Device

Provide Scalable Voice and Data Services

Bridge your current and emerging multiservice needs with Cisco IAD2430 Integrated Access Devices. Designed to help competitive local exchange carriers and other service providers integrate data and toll-quality analog or digital voice services for a customer premises equipment (CPE) solution, the devices operate in both Softswitch and Class 5 switch-access or bypass architectures.

The Cisco IAD2430 features:

  • Network-enabled autoprovisioning technology
  • A next-generation autoinstallation mechanism designed for faster service turn-up, configuration, and remote updates

When using the IAD2430 with Cisco Configuration Express, service providers can order, preconfigure, and ship the products directly to customers, reducing the costs of warehousing, shipping, and manual intervention.

The Cisco IAD2430 supports voice over IP (VoIP), voice over ATM, proven quality-of-service (QoS) tools, multiple call-control protocols, diverse CODECs, IP routing, Network Admission Translation (NAT), and security features.

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