Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition

Bridging and Extending Communications Networks

Save money, simplify services aggregation, and extend collaboration applications with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition. The unique combination of Session Management Edition and Cisco Unified Border Element helps enterprises more efficiently evolve and manage their networks.

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Features and Capabilities

A Better Evolutionary Path

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition helps enterprises create a centralized architecture to more easily and efficiently manage and evolve their networks as collaboration needs change. With Cisco Session Management, enterprises can:

  • Save - Lower costs through easier management, troubleshooting, and a smoother evolution.
  • Simplify - Reduce complexity by aggregating third-party PBXs, and easing migration to an all-IP environment.
  • Extend - Deploy collaboration applications at the network core and extend them to users, even those on third-party PBXs.

Simplified Deployment with Architectural Flexibility

Session Management is a service embedded in its enterprise-class IP call processing system, Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Therefore, session management can be deployed in existing Cisco Unified Communications Manager clusters or as a separate architectural layer.

Cisco also provides investment protection through architectural flexibility. As your business and network needs change, you can add session management services to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Clusters, or add phones to a session management cluster.

Additional benefits include:

Investment Protection

  • Repurpose Cisco clusters as needs change
  • Flexibility to evolve your network at your pace by leveraging what you have – including existing 3rd party PBXs

Architectural Control and Flexibility

  • Architectural choice and migration control for an intelligent path to SIP trunking
  • Ideal for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), or time-division multiplexing (TDM) trunks environments
  • Supports centralized, distributed, or hybrid SIP trunk architectures
  • Easier deployment without forced architectural change
  • Easy to learn and deploy as it is a service on Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Extend Cisco collaboration to any phone, including a PBX phone or your home phone, using Cisco Extend and Connect and Cisco Jabber
  • A superior collaborative experience as it leverages all the benefits of Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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