Cisco Unified Communications Manager Version 12.5

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Scalable, Secure and Comprehensive Enterprise Unified Communications

Cisco Unified Communications Manager is the core call control application of our on-premises collaboration portfolio. It provides reliable, highly secure, scalable, and efficient enterprise call and session management. More than 200,000 customers worldwide have deployed over 85 million Cisco IP phones and tens of millions of soft clients.

Features and Capabilities

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Unified CM) 12.5 has been developed, based on customer feedback, to address the following key themes:

·         Simplifying administration

·         Enhancing security and compliance

·         Improving user experiences

·         Building bridges to cloud collaboration

Highlights of Unified Communication Manager 12.5 include:

Simple Upgrades

Upgrades to large Unified Communications Manager deployments can be complex and take a significant amount of time. The new, simplified process for upgrading to a new version of CUCM significantly reduces the amount of time spent on the upgrade by up to 50%. It also reduces the number of potential errors.

New one touch upgrade processes allow you to push out upgrades to the entire Unified CM cluster at once. Pre-upgrade checks detect problems before they start, to help reduce trouble shooting later on.  The new processes result in shorter maintenance windows and reduce the impact of upgrades on services for your employees.

Activation code on boarding

Activation code on-boarding is a quicker and more simplified way to deploy endpoints for Unified Communications Manager. Once a user is provisioned, the end-user can now enter a simple 16-digit code or scan a QR code on the device, to securely authenticate and register to Unified Communications Manager.

You can dispatch any phone of the correct model, meaning no mode searching around to find a phone with a specific MAC address.  The new activation code onboarding process is a better experience for new users, saves time, and helps reduce the total cost of phone deployments.

Even More Flexible deployment choices

Cisco now has a tested reference configuration and a Cisco validated design for customers that want to host Unified Communications Manager on the latest Cisco HyperFlex data center infrastructure.

Additionally, UCM Cloud is available for customers wanting to move infrastructure to the cloud, but who need highly customizable solutions, retention of admin control over applications, and maintaining familiar admin experiences.

These two new options complement existing deployment choices: dedicated Business Edition packaged collaboration appliances, UC on UCS tested reference configurations, and existing 3rd party hardware guidelines.

Jabber (on-premises) messaging

For customers who are transitioning their on-premises Instant Message and Presence service to Webex messaging, Cisco now offers interoperability between users of Jabber and users of Webex, during your transition.

This new capability supports 1:1 messaging and presence translation, meaning users can reach each other and communicate and collaborate during the migration.

New centralized management, and much more

There’s much more to release 12.5, including new, centralized management tools for Cisco Jabber configuration files – meaning no more manual XML file uploads.

We’ve also enhanced our extension mobility features and provided several security and compliance updates.

For more detail on Unified Communications Manager 12.5 read the latest data sheet and release notes.

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