Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool

Unified Services Streamline System Management

Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool, part of the Cisco Unified Communications system, is a unified set of provisioning interfaces and services designed to make the initial setup and ongoing administration of Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unity faster, easier, and more efficient. Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool provides a system-level approach to telephony management by combining the most common user attributes from multiple Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco Unity servers. This simplified interface can maximize administrator productivity by enabling them to manage routine administrative tasks such as moves, adds, and changes from a single console.

By providing a single point of entry for administrators, Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool:

  • Creates a simple, workflow-based environment that makes managing IP communications deployments more intuitive
  • Intelligently tracks Cisco telephony and messaging user data across multiple servers, sites, and clusters on the network, even those running different software versions
  • Allows extensive use of templates, decreasing the number of fields that require manual entry and dramatically reducing administrative errors

For network troubleshooting, the Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool unified interface allows system managers to rapidly and easily view all of the data associated with any subscriber or phone in the network. Role-based access delivers added security by enabling managers to grant different permission levels to system administrators and providing audit logs that track which administrators made changes to records, when, and what changes they made.

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