Cisco WebAttendant

Cisco WebAttendant is an affordable and scalable IP-based solution that replaces the traditional PBX manual attendant console.

Associated with an IP Phone, the Cisco WebAttendent application allows the attendant to quickly accept and dispatch calls to enterprise users. The application is web enabled and, portable to multiple platforms. The Cisco WebAttendant is the first of many new IP Telephony applications that integrate old world telephony functions with new world applications and services such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory and HTML services. An integrated directory service provides traditional busy lamp field (BLF) and direct station select (DSS) functions for any line in the system.

One of the primary benefits over traditional attendant console systems is its ability to monitor the state of every line in the system and to efficiently dispatch calls. The absence of a hardware-based line monitor device offers a much more affordable and higher distributed manual attendant solution than traditional consoles.

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