Cisco Webex Hardware as a Service

The workplace is changing and so is hardware purchasing

Get the latest technology and increase collaboration adoption with a simple, affordable subscription for U.S. customers. Enjoy low monthly payments for Cisco devices, including IP phones, Webex desktop and room devices, and Webex Board. Device support is included in the plan. Subscribe for 3 years, and at the end of the agreement, you can auto-renew for another year or refresh and upgrade your devices with a new 3-year agreement.

With Cisco Webex Hardware as a Service you get…

Industry-leading collaboration endpoints

Stay up to date with the latest technology,  including IP phones and Webex-enabled devices. 

Flexible payment plan: monthly or annually

Take collaboration to the next level with Webex desktop and room devices with an affordable subscription.

Create an agile workspace for the future

Adapt your devices as your needs change by adding new devices at any time with a new 3-year minimum term and the ability to refresh every 3 years.

Your subscription includes


From IP phones to Webex devices, a full complement of features become enabled once a subscription is activated.

Device features

With an active subscription, enjoy access to all device features.


Customers with an active subscription are covered with Cisco Base Level Service, including software maintenance releases, hardware replacement, and more.

Choose devices with the most advanced technology

Cisco IP Phones

Premium IP phones on-premises, cloud, or hybrid

Cisco Webex Room Series

Smart video conferencing

Cisco Webex Board

All-in-one device for team collaboration

Cisco Webex Desk Series

Powerful, all-in-one collaboration devices designed for the desk

How it works

Select devices and start your 36-month subscription. Plus, you have options at the end of your contract.

Auto-renew for 12 months

The default option is to continue with current devices.

Device refresh

Refresh your devices with the latest technology and start a new 3-year subscription.

Subscription not renewed

An active subscription is required to activate all features.

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