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1GHz Solution to the Bandwidth Crunch

Regardless of the mix of services broadband operators plan to launch for future growth, the need for available bandwidth to support emerging, next-generation services becomes a critical issue in order to remain competitive. Launching progressive services requires the progressive technology available in the Scientific Atlanta 1GHz GainMaker® Optical Node series.

Approximately 60 percent of North American cable systems operate at 750MHz or less. GainMaker Optical Nodes provide:

  • A cost-effective solution for managing and expanding the productivity of existing bandwidth
  • Support for the increasing demand for advanced interactive services
  • Rapid deployment of high-definition (HD) content and bundled services

The 1GHz Advantage – Cost, Performance, Future-Friendly

The economics of moving from 550MHz or 750MHz, to 870MHz or 1GHz look nearly identical. Operators at lower bandwidths who need bandwidth expansion options should make the transition to 1GHz for the following reasons:

  • The cost is virtually identical to that of 870MHz
  • 1GHz solution positions you well for the future
  • Only 1GHz GainMaker Optical Nodes deliver a true 1GHz platform, not one adapted from prior technology

There is no economic reason to "stretch" the 870MHz amplifier, which does not meet the high performance objectives required for 1GHz. The result of switching to 1GHz is an innovative, forward-friendly platform that provides new levels of performance and capability.

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