Cisco Lumin Optical Transmission Platform

Low-Price, High-Value Optical Video Transport

Deliver the latest broadband services to your subscribers with the Cisco Lumin Optical Transmission Platform. This platform represents the world's first deployment of a 1310nm dense form factor optical transmitter that incorporates hybrid optical-RF linearization technology, changing the price/performance curve for 1310nm optics.

The Cisco Lumin platform offers:

  • Great density
    • 3 RU, 15 module capacity
    • Stackable with no need for an air flow spacer between chassis
    • 5.0 modules per rack unit
  • 1310 transmission and reverse transmission
  • Powering options
    • Dual DC power supply modules
    • AC powering with a 1 RU AC power supply subsystem
  • Monitoring
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Ethernet interface
    • Integrated front panel LCD displaying all functions with custom settings enabled through front-panel control keypad
  • Low price with no compromise in performance

The Cisco Lumin Optical Transmission Platform products include the Lumin DLC Dense Optical Distribution Chassis, Lumin DLT 1310 nm Optical Transmitter Module, and Lumin DDR Dual Return Path Optical Receiver.

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