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Rapid fault detection protects your network

To offer total optoelectronic solutions for network operators, Scientific Atlanta has been a longtime supplier of a wide range of interface modules, amplifiers and optical switches.

The Communications Interface Module for the Scientific Atlanta Prisma I platform allows the network's control system to "talk" to modules in a rack for early detection of system faults and to facilitate network component switching to help maintain reliable network operation.

In the event of a primary optical path failure, the Scientific Atlanta Laser Link optical switch protects fiber paths by toggling to a redundant path. In addition to helping to ensure network reliability, each 1RU switch unit saves headend space and can support switching actions for up to four devices.

The array of Scientific Atlanta Headend Driver Amplifiers are designed to provide the flexibility, configurability and optimum density needed for a wide variety of amplifier, power module or accessory module applications in the cable headend. A modular system configuration and design enables operators to mix and match power amplifier modules of different bandwidths and gains in a single rack mount chassis.

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