Cisco Prisma High Density Receiver Products

High-Density, Low-Cost Reverse Path Platform

Large-scale reverse path deployments need the versatility and performance of Scientific Atlanta's Prisma HDRx Reverse Optical Receiver Platform. Capable of housing 42 modular optical receivers in a 4RU chassis, the platform offers considerable density advantages over other receivers, and can double the density. Because the HDRx receivers are individual modules (instead of the two to four receivers per module offered by others vendors), the Scientific Atlanta solution results in:

  • Increased network reliability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Higher RF output levels
  • Eliminates most reverse headend driver amplifiers
  • Improves performance, lowers costs, and increases reliability

Any HDRx receiver may be configured to be redundant with any other receiver, which simplifies set up, operation and maintenance. Cost and space-savings can also be enjoyed by deploying an optional single, redundant power supply that can support one or two chassis, or up to 84 HDRx modules.

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