RF Signal Management

Isolation and Amplification For HFC Networks

Today’s advanced HFC networks can no longer rely only on passive products for combining and splitting applications. The Scientific Atlanta RF Signal Manager active products support the powerful isolation and amplification requirements needed for new targeted and narrowcast services.

The low-cost RF Signal Manager series includes four amplifiers:

  • Insertion amplifier – provides high isolation between like frequencies
  • Power amplifier – low-distortion, high-power amplifier
  • High-gain combiner amplifier - isolates two narrowcast inputs or one broadcast and one narrowcast feed
  • Reverse amplifier – provides isolation and gain for applications in the reverse path

A triple A-B switch for switching ASI, baseband video, and IF/RF complements active amplifiers by adding up to three independent sets of RF relays/switches for redundant support in the event of an amplifier failure.

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